Reminiscence Therapy for Older People

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Reminiscence Therapy is a form of therapy that can be useful and helpful to older people with memory problems. It provides a way for people with a short term memory loss to conversationally and socially interact based on their long term memory. The long term memory acting as the facilitator. There are Reminiscence groups around the country but it is a simple everyday activity that if you are a family member, friend or carer you can initiate easily into a companionable period of time when visiting or caring for a…read more

Activity and Therapy

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Reminiscence refers to recollections of memories from the past. It is familiar to us all and can be utilised for the benefit of others. For people living with Dementia, encouraging the act of reminiscence can be highly beneficial to their inner self and their interpersonal skills. Reminiscence involves exchanging memories with the old and young, friends and relatives, with carers and professionals, passing on information, wisdom and skills. It is about giving the person living with a memory disorder such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s a sense of value, importance, belonging,…read more