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  • If you are a care provider wishing to use iReminisce across multiple care settings then please contact us to find out how iReminisce can aid your operational and activity teams in the improvement of wellbeing of those you care for.
  • If you would like to purchase iReminisce for an individual then please purchase below, iReminisce costs £1 per month that’s £12 per individual license per annum.

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iReminisce, our iPad App is the perfect vehicle for recoding the life story of someone living with dementia. or reminiscence therapy activities.  Use iReminisce to encourage discussion around peoples memories and to record them for family and prosperity.  With our life story app iReminisce you can,
  • Record your life story with iReminisce and share it with your family
  • Create a video, photo or audio note diary
  • Remember your life through stimulating questions and answer them using multimedia on your own or with care support
  • Browse photos, audio clips and video from different eras and save them for further reflection later
  • Record your family tree information and discuss it with your friends
  • Family can leave photos, audio notes or even video messages for you to respond to no matter where they are in the world
  • Your family can log in from anywhere, view your progress and comment on your story

Reminiscence therapy activities for activity coordinators

In a residential setting meaningful activity is often overlooked, we have built iReminisce to be a completely self contained tool for a group of facilities to use.  The head office can monitor usage and access at a group level with individual coordinators being able to manage their whole facility and family access from within the app.  We want to encourage sharing, of stories of content and most importantly of life.  Activity coordinators are often the unsung hero’s of a residential setting.  Keeping vulnerable and often physically or cognitively restricted individuals from being excluded is no easy task.  We hope that iReminisce can be a tool that breaks down barriers and fosters relationships.

The iPad can do so much more for someone living with a cognitive impairment. With apps like the piano app and tools such as Google’s Streetview, one can browse through their old neighbourhood without leaving the comfort of their home.